Sea IT

Maritime Cyber Security explained with demonstrated scenarios in real codes!

Language of technology simplified for adaptation to forthcoming developments by laying a diversified foundation. Risks and its solutions at high seas. See it.


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Maritime industry remarkably advanced to enhance performances in the fields of Shipbuilding, Navigation, Ports & Terminals and Shipmanagement with the development of technology but also with a responsibility towards safety, environment and economy. Therefore, remained traditional and conservative to keep covered risks at minimal.

Nevertheless, demanding market conditions continue to urge the necessity of further development and it is digitalization.

Sea IT is written to bridge the gap and highlight Maritime Cyber Security for all levels of maritime professionals with demonstrated scenarios in real codes. It also aims to explain the language of technology for adaptation to forthcoming developments by laying a diversified foundation. Sea IT explains the risks and its solutions at high seas. See it.

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The codes and scripts in the book are genuine as published by developers. Usage of mentioned tools for attacking targets either Ships or Offices without prior mutual consent is illegal. It is the end user's responsibility to obey all applicable local, state and federal laws. Author assume no liability and is not responsible for any misuse or damage caused by readers. Mistakes in lines could damage your system or network. Act on your own risk.

Author intentionally omitted minor parameters in hacking lines to keep Maritime domain safe but to explain strategy and approach behind with bona fide exercises. Therefore, it is suggested to maintain real time updates of the systems.

Sea IT demonstrates following scenarios for educational purposes;

  • Man-in-the-Middle attack (MITM) - Network sniff by guests to capture email passwords and entire data
  • Ransomware - Encryption! of files without consent
  • Ships's Network - Access to vessel Cargo Control Room and Stability Manipulation
  • Shipmanagement Systems (PMS) database truncate - Remove records prior audit/inspection
  • CCTV Camera Streaming and Cyber Security concerns
  • Viruses (Trojans/Payloads) over Rubber Ducky/USB/Network/Emails
  • GPS Spoofing via scripts
  • Access to company network through external (e-Learning/Training) servers
  • SQL injection - database manipulation & shell (reverse/bind) accesses
  • Evil Twin Wireless (WiFi) Spoofing
  • Network scanning (penetration testing) tools
  • Sea IT clarifies following terminology for Marine professionals,

  • Computers & Hardware
  • Working Principles
  • Ports and Connections
  • Bit ● Hertz ● Keys ● Bytes
  • File Systems & Operating Systems
  • Computer Network Systems
  • Servers & Client Relations
  • Big Data Management
  • Cloud Computers
  • Data Models
  • Machine Learning
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • BlockChain
  • Software Development
  • Programming Languages
  • Macros, Conditions and Security
  • All above are simplified in an encouraging language. See it.

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    Ozgur Dogan Gunes worked onboard various types of vessels and implemented solutions in the fields of Shipmanagement and Shipping Operations merging his marine experience with the effective utilization of digitalization.

    Captain Ozgur coded and published renowned (SeaBook & SeaChief ) applications to support maritime domain. He has commissioned in maritime organizations, and speaks in conferences for the further development of industry challenging on Safe Navigation, Human Element and Leadership, Cyber Security and Digitalization.

    He holds Unlimited Oceangoing Master Mariner license issued by the White Flag Administration with a Bachelor of Science graduation from Maritime studies. He has attended Executive Management Programme for Shipping Talents at Shanghai Maritime University.

    "Captain Oz" is an Associate Fellow of the Nautical Institute with broad and diverse experiences at the international level and continues to push at the forefront of maritime practices on Safety, Risk Management, Quality and Technological Developments.

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